It’s the 1960 when Michele Patella, farmer and mechanic, decided to open a small workshop in which to fix agricultural machines and test technical changes determined by the needs of customers.

Sure of his skills, the credibility gained over the years and especially the support of the sons Attilio e Vittorio, to which transmits the passion for mechanics, in 1986 Patella also becomes authorized dealer and begins to market the first tractors.



Always supported by his wife Dora, who takes care of the house and their five children (Attilio, Rossella, Vittorio and the twins Anna and Rita), Michele, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit, the recognized professionalism and the absolute dedication to the job, continues to make grow steadily the company. He runs the company until 1992, when decides to pass the baton to his sons, now experts on the sector.

Attilio, who attendes the workbench since his childhood, takes over on the mechanic workshop and the assistence sector, while Vittorio, attracted by the dynamics of the sale, begins to treat the commercial aspects of the business.


The company becomes “Patella Tractors” in 2003, when they transfer the headquarters in a new building, more modern and spacious. It’s here that since over ten years they continue to combine family tradition and technological innovation.

Supported by a staff selected and specialized, Attilio and Vittorio go on to hand down to their children the basic principles of their philosophy: satisfy the customer with high quality products, but especially guaranteeing continuous and reliable support.